Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program: Do You Qualify and How To Apply

Basement Leak

The City of Toronto offers a $3,400 subsidy to help homeowners renovate basement plumbing for flood protection. The Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFPSP) reimburses the homeowner for installation of the following flood protection devices by a certified plumber:
– a backwater valve,
– a sump pump,
– severing and capping of foundation drain pipes to the storm sewer,
– external weeping tile connection.

Owners of single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes may apply. A contractor licensed by the city of Toronto must perform the work. The property can not have met the life-time maximum subsidy amount for the installation for which the homeowner applies. The subsidy is available to existing homes. The property’s eavestrough must have the downspouts disconnected from the city’s sewer system unless the owner recieved an exemption. The property’s front yard paved parking pad must meet the city’s zoning requirements.

Choosing a contractor
Use a plumbing service with a valid business license issued by City of Toronto like plumber Toronto. The city recommends obtaining at least two quotes and references before choosing a contractor. The city will not reimburse do-it-yourself installations. Costs covered include labour, materials, building permit and taxes.

Work covered
The city of Toronto reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $1,250 for the installation or replacement of a backwater valve and the installation of an alarm for a backwater valve. The subsidy program reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $1,750 for installation or replacement of a sump pump and installation of back-up power it. The subsidy program reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $400 for disconnection of weeping tiles, aka foundation drains from the sewer system by severing and capping the underground pipes.

How to apply
Within one year of the invoice date submit the application. Include the original invoices. Those with outstanding taxes or debt to the City of Toronto may not apply until they pay the taxes or debt. Steps one and two apply only to backwater valve work.

1. Obtain a building permit from the City of Toronto Building Division for backwater valve related work.
2. Have the Toronto Building division inspect the completed backwater valve work. Do not enclose or cover the work before inspection.
3. Obtain and complete the BFPSP application form. You may contact the City of Toronto or download the application.
4. Include the original itemized invoices with your application. The contractor and sub-contractor must have clearly marked the invoice paid in full.
5. Mail the application materials to:
Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
City of Toronto
PO Box 15266 STN B RM B
Toronto, ON M7Y 2W1

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