4 Key Tips for the Smart Packer

You’ve done it! You’ve closed on your new home or signed your new lease. You’re already daydreaming about what life in your new neighborhood is going to be like and bookmarking all of the new restaurants that you are dying to try, but then dread hits you like a semi. You forgot about the one task that every mover loathes like a tax-debt: (shudder) packing. Don’t worry, we’ve got tips so that you can be a smart mover.

1. Pack Room by Room

There’s nothing worse than getting where you’re going and not knowing where to put everything. Make the unloading process easier on you and the movers by making sure to pack room-by-room and label each box with the room that it’s going to. Don’t forget to mark things any glassware boxes as fragile.

2. Moving Boxes: to Free-gan or not to Free-gan

If you want to save a pretty penny on moving boxes, feel free to stop in at your local grocery and hardware stores for their lightly used boxes. However, a lot of movers forget that those boxes aren’t going to have the same weight capacity as sturdy boxes designed for moving. What’s more, having a menagerie of multi-size boxes is only going to make loading the truck that much more time-consuming. If you ask us, stick with the boxes that are designed to protect your valuables from start to finish.

3. Vacuum Sealing Bags

When packing your clothes, your towel sets, and even your duvet, you’ll save more than just space by investing in some cheap vacuum bags. Your boxes may end up a bit heavier, but you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re linens and things aren’t being exposed to the bugs, corrosives, dust, and elements that may or may not seep into your moving experience. And if you have a big wardrobe, PLEASE resist the temptation to overload your vacuum bags. You’ll be able to roll the bags and pack more outfits into each box. If you want to learn more, Matco has more resources available on their website.

4. Use The Right Size Boxes

There’s nothing harder on a mover than a large box filled with books. What’s next, do you want them to haul bricks up and down three flights of stairs before they handle your antique vases? Make the compassionate and smart choice by packing your heaviest items in smaller boxes and label the boxes appropriately.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how to be a smart mover, so keep an eye out for our next tips on how being a smart packer can save you a lot of headache when you’re unloading.

4 Commercial Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Most people associate moving with residential relocations, but offices and businesses also relocate. Commercial moving can even be more hectic and stressful than residential moving based on the size of the business and the type of business. If you are planning a commercial move, you need to be aware of some of the common mistakes that businesses make such as overlooking the importance of commercial movers Calgary so that you can avoid them. You don’t want to spend more money than the usual due to these commercial relocation pitfalls.

1. Failure to communicate with vendors
What most business owners or managers forget is that when an office moves, it goes beyond moving the desks and chairs. You need to remember that you are relocating the entire company that needs internet, change or address, telephone services, and other programs. Therefore, you should not make a mistake of overlooking the importance of communicating with these service providers so that they know when and where you will be relocating. Notably, poor vendor management slows down your business, and you don’t want to deal with the consequences.

2. Failure to select professional commercial movers
Most businesses think that commercial moving is a simple exercise and they can handle it on their own. Unfortunately, they later learn that the process is not as easy as they thought. The process of moving office furniture, computers, and arranging the new office space is better left to the experts than to your inexperienced employees. Unfortunately, some businesses think than hiring professional commercial movers is expensive, so they opt to save cost by doing the tasks on their own. The chances of breaking computers or damaging office equipment and supplies are high due to poor mishandling. Also, you reduce the productivity of your employees because they have to multitask between relocating and performing their usual office tasks.

3. Failure to create a proper labeling system
One of the costly mistakes you should not make when relocating your office is a failure to label your items. It becomes more comfortable than before to lose your office items when you have not labeled them because the relocation process is often hectic and involves several tasks. Every mover will tell you the importance of labeling all your boxes even to make the unpacking process more manageable than before and smooth.

4. Ineffective IT relocation
Computers, phones, and other IT equipment are vital portions of every business. As such, your business will not operate if you don’t have your IT equipment. Therefore, you should avoid the mistake of ineffective IT relocation, which results in non-functional phones and computers after relocating to your new office. Also, this pitfall can lead to data loss, which can cost your business so much. You should also not forget the legal issues of the new office space.