Most Popular Catered Lunches

Many employers want to have their employees work a long shift, but there is no place to eat lunch nearby. To make it easier to complete a big project, a business manager can contact a caterer to provide lunches for their employees in a conference room. Having lunch at work is less stressful for workers, and they also have more time to relax before returning to their tasks. The professionals who work for catering services Hamilton know that clients tend to order certain types of lunches because the menus are popular with everyone.

1: A Smorgasbord Lunch

Many individuals want to have a wide variety of foods so that everyone can choose what they want to eat. A buffet will have an assortment of hot and cold meat, salads, fresh fruit and bread to meet the expectations of different clients. Employees can walk along the smorgasbord table with a plate to choose their own meal and beverages. In addition to a main course, there may also be appetizers, soups and desserts available for guests.

2: An Italian Menu

Everyone loves to eat pasta, and it is a good menu choice at a catered event. In addition to having spaghetti, it is possible to have ravioli, lasagna or gnocchi. Guests will also have a choice of vegetable soups, garlic bread and pizza. It is also possible to offer Italian cuisine such as linguine with clam sauce, rice dishes or a variety of cheeses. There might be a separate table where guests can select desserts or specialty coffee.

3: Comfort Food Smorgasbord

A business owner can request comfort food for a company’s smorgasbord. Some of the comfort foods that people want to consume at a catered lunch include mashed potatoes and fried chicken. Other guests want to have macaroni and cheese along with slices of ham. Additional choices that a caterer can provide are hamburgers and french fries.

4: A Delicious Sandwich Platter

For anyone in a hurry at lunchtime, an assortment of sandwiches is an excellent choice for employees. There are several types of popular sandwiches to choose from, including Rueben sandwiches with corned beef and sauerkraut or roast beef sandwiches with coleslaw and barbecue sauce. Guests can select one or more types of sandwiches at this type of smorgasbord catered lunch.

Newest Catering Trends for Business Lunches

One of the newest trends in catered lunches is having wholesome foods such as whole-grain breads and pasta along with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. Instead of serving high-calorie meals, caterers are finding ways to reduce the fat, sugar and sodium in recipes while maintaining the full flavor in foods.

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