Compensation For Public Transport Accident Victims In Toronto

Public transport has become a popular and convenient mode of transport in Toronto, especially for people who wish to protect the environment from excess fuel emissions while at the same time saving money. Unfortunately, this increase in public transit use has naturally resulted in an increase in major accidents. Although public transport accidents are less frequent than car accidents, every year more Canadians are injured in train and bus accidents. In addition to the injuries sustained by these accidents, occupants of other vehicles, as well as pedestrians, are often involved in these large vehicle collisions and suffer serious injury.

Liability In Public Transport Accidents

People injured in public transit accidents such as buses or trains can claim for damages against culpable persons such as bus drivers and train operators, as well as a municipality, providing there is contributory negligence. Personal injury liability claims can be complicated, more so than motor vehicle accidents, in terms of multiple parties who may be at fault.  For example, where private train or bus companies are involved, both the operator of the vehicle, as well as the municipality, may be at fault in causing an accident and bear responsibility for injuries that result. This scenario is particularly relevant when someone waiting at or near a bus stop or train station is injured, a place where it should be safe for the public to embark or disembark from public transportation.

If negligence on the part of the train or bus operator is a factor in a public transport accident, an injured person can institute a claim for damages against the responsible party.  Damages include the value of financial loss called pecuniary damage, as well as pain and suffering, called non-pecuniary damage, resulting from personal injury. Pecuniary damages include medical costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of past income and estimated future income, housekeeping, home maintenance and family expenses.

In the case of a public transport accident involving a personal motor vehicle, injured parties may also claim automobile insurance compensation from the insurer.  This option for SABS (Statutory Accident Insurance Benefits) is available under the Toronto Insurance Act to all residents, whether at fault in causing an accident or not. The amount of benefits an eligible person may receive under an SABS claim depends directly on the severity of injuries sustained. For example, a person who suffers catastrophic injuries is eligible for larger financial support than a person who sustained minor injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers have successfully represented Toronto residents involved in public transport accidents for many years. In case you have been involved in a public transit accident and suffered serious injury, it is important to contact an lawyer in your community who is experienced in bus and train accident compensation claims to find out what your rights are for compensation of personal injury. Once a law firm has ascertained the particulars of the accident, they can advise you on the best options available and, should you choose to institute a claim, a lawyer will act on your behalf to build a strong case for compensation, and work towards negotiating the most optimal settlement for your benefit.

It can be difficult and confusing after suffering injuries from an accident, especially if it involves hospitalization, to take on big names in the transit world and fight for your rights. A personal injury lawyer Toronto will fight for you and bring compassionate and caring support and legal counsel to you wherever you are.

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