7 Unexpected Ways to Use Wooden Wine Boxes

There are a lot of ways to express creativity, and many people enjoy DIY crafts. The best projects are both enjoyable to create and practical. Wooden wine boxes have many uses. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination. These DIY projects are an ideal way to create better storage, thoughtful gifts, and more.

1. Stackable Shelves

Wooden wine boxes are lightweight, and they easily stack for moveable storage. The boxes can be screwed together for permanent shelves and can also be mounted to the wall if space is limited.

2. Gift Baskets

Often people judge things by appearance above anything else. A thoughtful collection of items picked for the recipient can be placed into wooden wine boxes along with tissue paper or straw as a filler. Finish it with a beautiful ribbon bow, and the gift will be a showstopper.

3. Drawer Organizer

Everyone has at least disorganized drawer. Clean it up and make it easier to find items by creating an organizer. This can be done by using wine boxes and then inserting wood pieces to create sections.

4. Shoe Storage

Kids leave their shoes everywhere. Place one, or more, wine boxes in their room or the entryway for quick access. They can toss their shoes and the floors will be less cluttered. They are more visually appealing than other shoe organizers. To learn more, please visit www.ekanconcepts.com for additional information, resources and references.

5. Planter Holders

Increase curb appeal by placing planters with seasonal flowers in wooden wine boxes. They can be left in the traditional wood grain or painted to enhance a home’s color scheme.

6. Side Table

Wood boxes are very sturdy and meant to last a long time. They can be turned into a side table by using four even wooden legs. Use a drill, and screw the legs into the wine box from the top down for a unique new piece of furniture.

7. Bike Basket

If an existing bike basket is in bad shape, or fallen off, it can be replaced with a touch of style with a wooden box. Drill holes, and then screw and bolt it down to where the previous box was for instantly reliable storage on-the-go.

Next time the creative urge hits consider taking on a project that is more than just decorative. Wine boxes made of wood have many uses around the home. Most projects do not require a lot of additional supplies and only basic tools. The result is strong, reliable, and attractive pieces that serve a functional purpose.

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