5 Conditions That A Chiropractor Can Help Fix

The phrase “You should see a chiropractor” has become a common response to all kinds of health complaints, from searing back pain to sore knee joints. While these practitioners are masters of a flexible form of medical treatment, there are definite limits to what they can treat. They often work in integrated health care systems along with other health specialists to provide complete treatment to patients.

Sprain and Strain Injuries

Damage to the ligaments, tendons and muscles in the arms and legs are common injuries, especially in children and older adults. When this kind of elastic tissue is stretched beyond its limit, it develops tiny tears or may even rip apart completely. When a person sprains a ligament or strains a muscle or tendon, they can experience various kinds of pain in the affected area. While chiropractors don’t conduct surgical procedures, they do provide aid in the recovery and prevention process.

Chronic and Degenerative Diseases

As people age, they become exponentially more likely to show symptoms of a chronic disorders like degenerative disc disease (DDD). Deterioration of bone or muscle tissue limits physical activity, which often only makes the problem worse. Chiropractor Richmond Hill can help patients maintain proper movement and elasticity in connective tissues. They can also monitor the condition and guide therapeutic exercise sessions.

Accidents and Serious Injuries

Whiplash is an often underestimated consequence of a car accident. While many people don’t experience severe discomfort immediately following a collision, neck muscles can become extremely painful in the days following the incident. This type of sprain or strain can be debilitating, preventing natural movement of the head that limits the individual’s ability to drive or do their job.

Nerve Damage and Pain Disorders

Patients suffering from sciatica can attest to the frustrating and constant pain that plagues their daily life. Many people suffer from incurable pain disorders, like myofascial pain, sciatica and coccydynia. This type of pain may begin in the months or years following a physical injury, although it can also emerge as a result of deterioration in bones and muscle.

The Flexible Medicine

Many chiropractors specialize in certain types of treatment, so it comes down to each individual clinic to set the boundaries on their service. This type of treatment is often oriented around managing pain and augmenting recovery. While it is often used alongside surgical and pharmaceutical measures, it can also serve as a primary mode of treatment for some conditions.

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