4 Most Common Materials Used In Food Packaging

If you want to start a food packaging industry, you need to be knowledgeable about the field. You need to be very creative and innovative because this is a global industry. People tend to fall for things that look unique and conspicuous. Do not forget that you should have packaging that will suit the needs of a maximalist as well as a minimalist. Consider different tastes and preferences in your clients. Companies majorly use the packaging as bait to allure customers into purchasing those goods hence increasing sales. It is funny how most, if not all, of us, fall for this trick. Besides attracting attention from customers, the packaging is used to keep the food commodities fresh. It is a multitasking factor. The points that follow show the materials that are used in food packaging.

1.  Glass Jars And Containers

Whenever you go to the mall to buy shopping, you will always see these jars and containers on the shelves. They are quite renowned for packaging things like jellies, cooking oil, pickles, processed fruits, juices alongside many others. Glass has its disadvantages like they tend to break easily if mishandled. For that reason, they should be kept out of reach for children. If you are the kind of person who loves recycling, you can wash the container after you are done with it and use it for other purposes. That is a wonderful strategy.

2.  Aluminium

This material is prominent for storing items like baked beans, sodas, meat, sweets alongside many others. It is cheap and environmentally friendly because it can be recycled several times. Companies that use it use it because it has a low cost for manufacturing. Aluminium is used for food packaging because it catches the eye due to the glossy finish that it gives a product.

3.  Cardboard

Since it is renewable, companies tend to love using it. Cardboard can be used to make tubes, tubs, and cans. Afterwards, it is used to pack them in the same material-boxes. It is, however, limited to what it can pack because if wet items are put inside, they can make it drenched. Also, it cannot pack heavy items in the cardboard boxes. Most things that are packed are lightweight goods like snack foods, nuts, spices, cornflakes alongside many others.

4.  Plastic

Plastics are prevalent in this industry. They can be easily be adapted to many different functions. It is therefore used to pack food items like cooking oil, bread, fruit juices, snack foods, and many others. They can be stored either in plastic bottles or custom bags. That is why customers find them attractive. You can also use it to store things like fresh beef and fish. Plastic films are used to line other packages depending on what it is, for example, fruits or even freshly baked foods.

The above points show what is used by food packaging industries to package food commodities. Each company settles for the material that is convenient for what they specifically deal with. For those that deal with a variety of foods, they can use as many materials as they wish.

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