3 Ways to Congratulate People


There are so many special occasions that are worth celebrating these days. Whether it be a graduation, a wedding, a new baby, a new job or even a new house, it can be hard to come up with an original congratulatory gift. There are a countless number of ways to congratulate someone besides just sending a card. Check out these original ways to show your support and love for someone who has an occasion worth celebrating:

1. Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are an awesome gift no matter what the occasion is. They are personal and let someone know you are thinking of them regardless of the distance between you. It only takes a few minutes to order a gift basket, but it can make a big difference in someone’s life. There are companies like Boodles Of Baskets who will put a custom basket together and ship it for you. It saves a trip to the post office and the legwork of putting a pretty gift basket together.

Custom gift baskets can be things from a particular area that highlight some of the best products and goodies produced locally. They also have ones that are entirely made up of food. However, they aren’t limited to just food. They have baskets that are organized around themes like a personal spa day or a sport’s theme for the sport’s lover in your life. The options are endless when it comes to customizable baskets and are always a great option when you want to send someone a little encouragement.

2. Flower Arrangements
Another versatile gift is a flower arrangement. Florists have an eye for picking out a perfect bouquet or an arrangement centered around certain colors in a beautiful vase. The recipient will appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the intoxicating smell that fills their home! Flower arrangements also come complete with a custom note from the sender, so it adds another personal touch to the gift.

3. Edible Gifts
It would be a shame not to mention one of the newest trends in the gifting world. There are bakers that specialize in custom cookie baskets. The cookies have messages on them or are special shapes, and they can even be shipped. They are delicious and convenient. Cookie bouquets or edible “flower” arrangements made with fruit are innovative and are always appreciated by the lucky recipient!

Saying congratulations on a job well done doesn’t have to be difficult or cause stress. There are easy options that are both fun and thoughtful without taking an entire day out of your busy schedule. Celebrate the people you love with one of these great options! Everyone will be happy in the end.

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