5 tell signs that your home air conditioner needs repair

When summer hits, the last thing you want is a faulty air conditioner. If you notice poor air flow, then this is a tell sign that something is wrong. You need to get it repaired in good time, preferably, before summer. There are certain indicators that you home air conditioner is not working properly. Here are 5 signs that you should look out for. Air conditioner repairs need to be done immediately.

1. No cool air

This is usually the first obvious sign that something is wrong. Even if you try to turn it on full blast, you may notice that the air is not as cold as it should be. The lack of cool air could point to a damaged compressor. The other likely culprit is the Freon levels system. If left unattended, you may have to replace it with a new unit.

2. Poor air flow

If you place your hands on the vent, you can tell an irregular or poor air flow. Another sign is that some rooms in your home are cooler than others. Poor air flow is often the result of a faulty duct work. You need to bring in the experts immediately for urgent repair. The poor air flow may also be as a result of dirt or debris stuck in the vents. Debris will not only restrict the air flow, but it is also a health hazard. Air conditioner repairs also include duct cleaning. This helps you maintain the indoor air quality in your home.

3. Thermostat problems

There are times when the air conditioner is not faulty, but the problem is the thermostat. One of the tell signs of a faulty thermostat is if one part of the house is cold while another is at room temperature.

4. Moisture leakage

If you notice moisture in a place where it should not be, then there could be a leak in the system. If the leak is serious, the problem is most likely the refrigerant. Leaks from the refrigerant need to be addressed immediately because they pose a health risk. If you find pools of water next to the air conditioner, the drain or tube may be blocked. This issue also needs to be repaired immediately because moisture provides a good breeding ground for mold and other fungi.

5. Pungent smell

A strange odor coming from the air conditioning vents is a sign that the wire insulation is faulty. High chances are that is has burned out. The foul smell can also indicate the presence of mold in the ductwork. Ductwork cleaning and insulation repairs need to be prioritized.

The cost of air conditioner repairs Newmarket can be reduced if the repairs are done immediately you notice any of these signs.