Plumbing Services: Why You Need Professionals and Not DIY Projects

Plumbing is improving with the introduction of new and improved techniques every few years. Plumbers work in your best interest to save you the money and effort that it takes to deal with aging pipes and drains. Choosing professional services from a real plumber is the better option than looking at random advice you find on the Internet. Learn more about the professional plumbing techniques that you need to maintain a good system.


Hydro-jetting is the use of high-pressurized water to clean the insides of pipes. A regular water hose has a strong pressure, but it takes a stronger pressure to clear away years of hardened stains and debris. Only a professional has the most advanced hydro-jet systems, ranging from 3,500 to 60,000 PSI, that are effective in most cases. The water acts like a plunger that removes clogs without cutting apart your pipes.

Power Rodding

Power rodding is an advanced type of snake used for deep pipe cleaning. Pickering plumbers move the cable through until they reach the blockage. They turn on the motor to rotate the blades at the end and cut through the debris. The plumber may then decide to use a powerful hydro-jet to clear away the remaining debris. Power rodding is a complex system with parts that are not simple or safe for anyone to use. Find a professional who is experienced in giving you the deepest and most effective clean.

The Need for a Professional Touch

Professionals are needed because most plumbing problems are complex and cannot be solved by basic techniques. Many clogs in pipes have built up over many years or decades. The more that debris builds up, the harder it is to clean without causing damage. Using harsh snakes on old, weakened pipes could poke holes through and cause major leaks.

Basic DIY techniques are temporary solutions to bigger problems. You are getting rid of some debris but not all of it. Save more money by removing the root cause of the problem. Plumbers are the only ones qualified to find a permanent solution and prevent more damage to your system.

There are many reasons why your water is not coming out the way it used to. The most common reason is wear and tear, and only plumbers know how to deal with old pipes. Standard DIY guides are helpful for some people, but your situation may require a different fix. Plumbers are hands-on experts who you should turn to for help.