3 Ways to Congratulate People


There are so many special occasions that are worth celebrating these days. Whether it be a graduation, a wedding, a new baby, a new job or even a new house, it can be hard to come up with an original congratulatory gift. There are a countless number of ways to congratulate someone besides just sending a card. Check out these original ways to show your support and love for someone who has an occasion worth celebrating:

1. Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are an awesome gift no matter what the occasion is. They are personal and let someone know you are thinking of them regardless of the distance between you. It only takes a few minutes to order a gift basket, but it can make a big difference in someone’s life. There are companies like Boodles Of Baskets who will put a custom basket together and ship it for you. It saves a trip to the post office and the legwork of putting a pretty gift basket together.

Custom gift baskets can be things from a particular area that highlight some of the best products and goodies produced locally. They also have ones that are entirely made up of food. However, they aren’t limited to just food. They have baskets that are organized around themes like a personal spa day or a sport’s theme for the sport’s lover in your life. The options are endless when it comes to customizable baskets and are always a great option when you want to send someone a little encouragement.

2. Flower Arrangements
Another versatile gift is a flower arrangement. Florists have an eye for picking out a perfect bouquet or an arrangement centered around certain colors in a beautiful vase. The recipient will appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the intoxicating smell that fills their home! Flower arrangements also come complete with a custom note from the sender, so it adds another personal touch to the gift.

3. Edible Gifts
It would be a shame not to mention one of the newest trends in the gifting world. There are bakers that specialize in custom cookie baskets. The cookies have messages on them or are special shapes, and they can even be shipped. They are delicious and convenient. Cookie bouquets or edible “flower” arrangements made with fruit are innovative and are always appreciated by the lucky recipient!

Saying congratulations on a job well done doesn’t have to be difficult or cause stress. There are easy options that are both fun and thoughtful without taking an entire day out of your busy schedule. Celebrate the people you love with one of these great options! Everyone will be happy in the end.

The Benefit Of Credit And Debit Card Transactions For Restaurants

Payment Processer At Restaurants


In order to stay competitive in a fast-moving market, restaurants need to understand how current technology and changing consumer habits can help support their bottom line. Innovation and new technology are driving change throughout the business landscape, including iconic imagery like the cash register. Many retailers have moved away from this method of payment, opting for a variety of more mobile options. Credit card processing doesn’t need to be tethered to a register that is slow, clunky and unappealing to consumers.


Credit cards are already a desirable form of payment for customers to use, since the psychology of credit cards can cause people to spend more money than they might otherwise. Many modern restaurants have incorporated tablet computers (Ipads or other devices) with special software to process payments on the go, creating a more casual atmosphere for the customer.

When buying on credit, consumers don’t feel as much pain of paying, and this leads them to spend more heavily. This “pain of paying” is further reduced using this credit card processing technology, as the consumer feels more at ease with sales associates in these environments. Compare this with a grocery store cashier, who is separated from you by a conveyor belt of goods. This form of primitive payment technology (the clunky register system) literally puts a barrier between the customer and the salesperson. Speak with a payment processor like Collective POS to learn about the full benefits of incorporating a credit and debit payment system into your transaction process.

In our modern example, the waiter/waitress can take payment from the customers in an unobtrusive and more natural way. This also can increase tips earned by staff, as it is much easier to add tips to this digital checkout than to rely on cash alone. This subtle behavioral change, coupled with other advantages gained from improved technology, can provide real returns for vendors.


Another benefit to modern credit card processing technology is the ability to pair these mobile points of sale to a digital inventory system. Keeping track of inventory is a fundamental for business success.. These devices can be paired with an internal database of vendor inventory, and make updates to these quantities in real-time. This technology could keep track of inventory and provide an alert if a crucial ingredient was running low.

Vendors can set up automated email receipts to customers that make a purchase. This both saves paper and provides a valuable resource for the vendor. Email addresses of proven customers are incredible valuable, as these people have a demonstrated interest in the product. Targeted email campaigns, such as coupons and special deals, could be implemented and tested to improve sales and return on investment. None of this would be possible without computing and credit card processing technology.

Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program: Do You Qualify and How To Apply

Basement Leak

The City of Toronto offers a $3,400 subsidy to help homeowners renovate basement plumbing for flood protection. The Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFPSP) reimburses the homeowner for installation of the following flood protection devices by a certified plumber:
– a backwater valve,
– a sump pump,
– severing and capping of foundation drain pipes to the storm sewer,
– external weeping tile connection.

Owners of single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes may apply. A contractor licensed by the city of Toronto must perform the work. The property can not have met the life-time maximum subsidy amount for the installation for which the homeowner applies. The subsidy is available to existing homes. The property’s eavestrough must have the downspouts disconnected from the city’s sewer system unless the owner recieved an exemption. The property’s front yard paved parking pad must meet the city’s zoning requirements.

Choosing a contractor
Use a plumbing service with a valid business license issued by City of Toronto like plumber Toronto. The city recommends obtaining at least two quotes and references before choosing a contractor. The city will not reimburse do-it-yourself installations. Costs covered include labour, materials, building permit and taxes.

Work covered
The city of Toronto reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $1,250 for the installation or replacement of a backwater valve and the installation of an alarm for a backwater valve. The subsidy program reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $1,750 for installation or replacement of a sump pump and installation of back-up power it. The subsidy program reimburses 80 percent of the amount invoiced up to $400 for disconnection of weeping tiles, aka foundation drains from the sewer system by severing and capping the underground pipes.

How to apply
Within one year of the invoice date submit the application. Include the original invoices. Those with outstanding taxes or debt to the City of Toronto may not apply until they pay the taxes or debt. Steps one and two apply only to backwater valve work.

1. Obtain a building permit from the City of Toronto Building Division for backwater valve related work.
2. Have the Toronto Building division inspect the completed backwater valve work. Do not enclose or cover the work before inspection.
3. Obtain and complete the BFPSP application form. You may contact the City of Toronto or download the application.
4. Include the original itemized invoices with your application. The contractor and sub-contractor must have clearly marked the invoice paid in full.
5. Mail the application materials to:
Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
City of Toronto
PO Box 15266 STN B RM B
Toronto, ON M7Y 2W1

Waterproofing Your Basement Foundation


Any homeowner who has been greeted by a musty odor and damp walls at the bottom of the basement stairs knows that keeping water out of the basement is no easy task. While it may sound like a major project, waterproofing your basement can save a significant amount in the long-term. Always contact a plumber to get the job done right.

Water In the Basement Foundation
One of the main causes for leaks in the basement is an issue with groundwater seeping into the basement foundation. This is fairly simple to diagnose, but a plumber could also be a helpful source of information when it comes to basement leaks. First, check outside around the perimeter of the house and notice the slope of the ground. If the land is sloping down from the house, rain water is able to drain safely away from the foundation. However, if the ground slopes back toward the home’s foundation, you will probably see some drainage issues as water flows down into the foundation, ending up in the basement.

How to Waterproof the Basement Foundation
It is recommended you contact a professional like plumber Toronto rather than tackle this yourself. The first step of waterproofing the basement is to keep water from getting there in the first place. If you notice that the ground around the foundation is sloping down toward the house, add enough dirt around the perimeter of the house to create a 2-inch drop for every foot away from the house. Also ensure that downspouts from the roof are letting water out at least five feet away from the foundation.

Next, waterproof the walls inside the basement by applying a waterproofing solution – there are several brands of solutions and sealants available. These products work by plugging cracks or holes that water may seep through and creating an airtight seal and work best when applied to unpainted brick or concrete. Be aware that you may need to repair larger cracks in concrete or holes where pipes or tie rods come through the wall before applying a sealant.

More Serious Basement Leakage
Depending on the situation, some homeowners may also consider installing a sump pump in the basement floor. A plumber service can let you know if this is feasible for your home. The sump is located under the floor, and pumps water outside the house when the water level becomes too high. Serious water issues could also benefit from a perimeter drain under the floor. This requires digging a trench around the perimeter, laying piping, covering with coarse gravel, and refilling around the pipe with concrete.

Waterproofing your basement is an effective way to increase the value of your home and prevent future water damage to your property due to leaks and moisture.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an attractive option for patients dealing with tooth loss. Tooth loss can occur as the result of decay that has weakened a tooth so much that it cannot be saved, even by the application of a crown, or because of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, or as the result of injuries. In the past, the only replacements for missing teeth were either full dentures (false teeth) or partial dentures, also referred to as dental bridges. While these worked to fill the gaps in the mouth left by missing teeth, they required care and cleaning, often needed to be removed at night, and were somewhat fragile, and thus prone to being broken.

They are artificial or prosthetic teeth, but rather than be suspended between two healthy teeth via a dental bridge, they are attached directly to the jaw, to a metal (usually titanium) post that has been implanted there. Once attached, the prosthetic teeth are held firmly in place by the implanted posts, and provide a more permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?
The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics lists a number of advantages of implants over dentures and bridges. For example, for many patients they better approximate the “feel” of their natural teeth, which improves their overall “dental self confidence.” Implanted teeth also provide a more natural and secure bite, allowing patients to eat foods that they have been unable to eat with dentures or dental bridges in place. Implanted teeth can also sometimes be used in conjunction with dental bridges to provide a more stable platform to which to attach the bridges.

Is everyone a candidate for dental implants?
The answer to this has to be “No.” If you feel that dental implants might be a solution of interest to you, consult with a dentist like dental implants toronto, who will examine you thoroughly and not only take X-rays and examine your mouth, but will ask other questions about your overall health. This is important because to be able to successfully support the titanium posts inserted into the jaw, the bone of the jaw – and your immune system — must be strong and healthy.

If your mouth is healthy enough to support the implants, you must also be committed to proper maintenance of the implanted teeth after the procedure has been completed. This means meticulous brushing and flossing, regular visits to the dentist, and avoiding behaviors like heavy drinking of alcohol and smoking, both of which can compromise the success of the procedure.